Translate Your Channel in Different Languages with Dubbed Tracks


Make videos break borders using our human voice actors and translators to reach a wider audience.

Authentically share with the 🌎 while maintaining the tone, humor, and essence your viewers love.



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  • 🎱 The Game

    YouTube treats added language tracks as new uploads, no matter how old the video. 

    To start, 80% of highest watchtime uploads need a dubbed track. (About 50 vids)

  • 🏝️ Exclusivity

    Hosted tryouts from our family of professional voice actors. 

    After you choose who sounds best, they stick with you on all old and new videos.

  • πŸ’Έ Views n' Revenue

    Relaunching in a different continent won’t be easy, but sure as hell worth it. 

    Doubling your reach, means doubling your business. 

  • πŸ€– AI-Free

    AI and YouTube's new tools can get you translations from anywhere. Without your spirit, energy and nuances. 

    But isn’t that what gravitates your fans to you in the first place?

Listen to Our Dubs

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42+ Languages


Read what others think about our voice overs.

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  • Minute Count

    Total Content Length

  • Speaker Count

    Main Recurring Voices

  • Commitment

    Once, Monthly, Yearly


  • Precise Translations

    ... that preserve the essence and quality of your original content in every language.

  • Accurate Speed

    ... that ensures on time delivery to keep you trending worldwide.

  • Growth Alignment

    ... that adapts with your channel’s growth, ensuring success in new markets.

  • Fortified Content

    ... that guarantees 100% ownership, content safety, and privacy.

  • Monetize Magnets

    ... that optimize your language selection, video ranking, and potential return on investment.

  • Fanbase Fusions

    ... that transforms audiences for better engagement with new global sponsors.

  • Global Giggles

    ... that expertly translate jokes and humor, ensuring laughs across languages.

  • International Integrity

    ... that protect your original viewpoints and details in every language version.


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    πŸŽ₯ Submit

    Title, desc, video, and audio.

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    πŸ’¨ Turnaround

    5, 7, or 30 Day options.

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    πŸ“¬ Upload Dubs

    Drag & Drop audio tracks and scripts.

Mission Statement

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HVO is on a mission to keep voice acting jobs alive amidst the rise of AI.   

What we do is more than mere voice replication. Our family of 1200+ dedicated voice actors understand what people like. 

Embodying unique personalities, mannerisms, and subtle quirks to bring content to life. 

As Seth Godin said, 

"If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well."

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Mena Mikhail

Founder & CEO

Frequently Asked Questions


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❝Less than 10% of the world speaks English. So 90% of the world can't even enjoy your content.❞

- MrBeast 

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Translate videos into new languages for your fans.

We multiply views by making videos more accessible. Dubbing content w/ human voices & translators so more people can enjoy your videos.

HVO brings your message to the 🌎, while staying authentic to your brand.