Convert content into new languages for your fans.

Improve video reach by increasing accessibility. HVO translates the language with human voices so even more people can enjoy what you make.

Talking to the world is now a whole lot simpler!

  • πŸŽ™ Exclusive Talent

    Unique local voice actors audition for every creator. Authentic to each personal brand. 

  • πŸ’Ό You Say, We Do

    Personalized packages to automate uploads and manage social interactions.

  • ✏️ Subtitling

    Script transcription & translation from scratch, using automation only for drafting purposes.

  • πŸ€ΉπŸ»β€β™‚οΈ AI-Free

    AI is pretty much free. Yet, its lack of emotion makes for an unenjoyable experience for your audience.

42+ Languages

Listen To Our Dubs

  • Did you know?

    The Top 10 Countries By Users on YouTube are:

    1. India
    2. USA
    3. Brazil
    4. Indonesia
    5. Mexico
    6. Japan
    7. Pakistan
    8. Germany
    9. Vietnam
    10. Turkey

Features Include

  • Precise Translations

    ... that preserve the essence and quality of your original content in every language.

  • Accurate Speed

    ... that ensures on time delivery to keep you trending worldwide.

  • Growth Alignment

    ... that adapts with your channel’s growth, ensuring success in new markets.

  • Fortified Content

    ... that guarantees 100% ownership, content safety, and privacy.

  • Monetize Magnets

    ... that optimize your language selection, video ranking, and potential return on investment.

  • Fanbase Fusions

    ... that transforms audiences for better engagement with new global sponsors.

  • Global Giggles

    ... that expertly translate jokes and humor, ensuring laughs across languages.

  • International Integrity

    ... that protect your original viewpoints and details in every language version.


  • 1

    πŸŽ₯ Submit Footage

    You Provide Original:

    • Title
    • Description
    • Video 
    • Underlying Music + EffectsΒ (if applicable)
  • 2

    πŸ’¨ Turnaround Speed

    Flexible Options:

    • 7-Day Delivery
      (Typical for Ongoing Uploads)

    • 30-Day Delivery
      (Typical for Back Catalog)
  • 3

    πŸ“¬ Receive Final Translations

    Drag & Drop:

    • Titles
    • Descriptions
    • Subtitles
    • Audio


Affordable Per Minute, Per Language rates. 

Pay as you go, or bulk up for a discounted rate.

  • Minute Count

    Total Content Length

  • Speaker Count

    Main Recurring Voices

  • Commitment Length

    One Time, Monthly, Yearly

❀️‍πŸ”₯ Creator Testimonials

  • My mate nate
    Nathan Bartling
    My Mate Nate

     "I currently have the pleasure of using HVO's translation and dubbing service and to be fair I'm thoroughly impressed. Their team of professional translators and voice actors are accurate, culturally sensitive, and nuanced. The youtube dubbing upload process is seamless, and the voice over actors capture the essence of the original dialogue. They are great at conveying emotions in a natural and convincing way. The entire process they've set up for us is smooth and efficient. The final product each week exceeds my expectations."  

  • 305582992 485182753426454 8193397524346936790 n
    River & Wilder Show Producer

    "I highly recommend Human Voice Over for anyone looking for exceptional voice over talent for their YouTube channel. They were fast in delivering our Spanish voice over recordings, and their communication throughout the entire process was impeccable. Most importantly, the quality of their talent is simply outstanding. Our voices were matched flawlessly and the tone and intonations were spot on. We are extremely satisfied with their service and will definitely be using them again in the future." 

Our Mission Statement

A group of positive emoji

HVO is on a mission keeping the voice acting studios of the world today alive amidst the rise of AI dubbing.   

What we do is much more than mere voice replication. Our team of 1200+ dedicated voice actors understand what people like. 

Embodying all unique personalities, mannerisms, and subtle quirks that brings content to life. 

Our job is to extend your brand's awareness, through IP redevelopment. Moving across diverse cultural landscapes, making each message resonate far and wide.   

As Seth Godin said, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well." 

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Mena Mikhail

Founder & CEO

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Contact Info

❝Less than 10% of the world speaks English. So 90% of the world can't even enjoy your content.❞

- MrBeast 

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