2023 YouTube Recap and What to expect in 2024.

published on 04 January 2024

This year, Mr. Beast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, saw remarkable growth, gaining 99 million more subscribers and surpassing the second-highest channel for yearly additions. He ended the year as YouTube's top creator in EIGHT countries.

But who else could we see gain from making international content?


VuxVux: Everyone Games

VuxVux, a renowned YouTube gaming creator focused on Roblox, has amassed 12 million subscribers since 2014. Beyond gaming, he has explored additional avenues, including music production through YouTube and Spotify and voice acting.


Topper Guild: Up Next?

Topper Guild, known for comedy and challenge videos, has garnered significant growth with over 27 million subscribers, yet faces a view count plateau. There is potential to open up new audiences and boost views through strategic content adjustments.


Zhong: Great Fanbase, Even Bigger Opportunities

Following the trend, Zhong, a content creator known for challenge and comedy videos, has experienced significant growth, amassing over 32 million subscribers in the past year. However, similar to Topper Guild, his video views are capped at around 1 million. To grow, Zhong needs to begin finding new markets to join his fanbase.

Bridging the Gap

2024 will be an era of international content. Mr. Beast and others demonstrate the power of multi-language audio tracks and human voice actors. Breaking language barriers is not just a trend but a strategic move for global appeal, expanding reach and driving significant growth. For creators aiming for wider audiences and increased views, adopting these strategies is a game-changer.

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Written by Michael Hanley - Content Writer HumanVoiceOver.com

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