AI Machine vs. Human Translators & Voice Actors. What's the Best Choice for Content Creation?

published on 08 January 2023
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AI Machine Translation Just Can't Cut It for YouTube: And here's why...

As YouTube continues to grow and expand its global reach, the question of how to translate YouTube videos for international audiences becomes increasingly important. While some may argue that machine translation is the way of the future, it's clear that human translators offer a number of key advantages that make them the superior choice for YouTube translation.

But why choose human translators over machine translation?

For starters, human translators are far more accurate than their machine counterparts. They are able to consider context, cultural references, and language nuances in their translations, resulting in translations that are faithful and understandable. On the other hand, machine translation often struggles with idiomatic expressions and complex language, leading to translations that are confusing, nonsensical, or even hilarious.

Human translators also ensure that translations are clear and easy to understand, which is especially important for technical or complex content. In these cases, machine translation may produce translations that are difficult to follow or completely inaccurate. Meanwhile, human translators can use their expertise and knowledge of the subject matter to create translations that are both accurate and easy to understand.

Consider cultural differences and avoid potential misunderstandings or offensive content.

Humans are able to tailor their translations to the target audience, considering cultural differences and avoiding potentially offensive content. This can help prevent misunderstandings and backlash from viewers. Machine translation, on the other hand, may not take these factors into account, resulting in inappropriate or offensive translations.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to using human translators for YouTube translation. The major one being cost - hiring professional human translators can be more expensive than using machine translation. However, companies like Human Voice Over emphasize the benefits of using human translators without breaking the bank of creators and agencies.

Humans can adapt their translation style to match the tone and style of the original content.

This can be especially important for YouTube creators who want to maintain their unique voice and personality in their translated videos. Machine translation, on the other hand, often struggles to capture the tone and style of the original content, resulting in translations that feel stilted or unnatural.

Humans can review and revise their work to ensure that it meets the necessary standards of quality. Machine translation may produce inconsistent results depending on the quality of the source material and the capabilities of the translation software.

The Winner: Human Voice Over

While machine translation may be a convenient and cost-effective option for some YouTube creators, it simply can't compare to the accuracy, nuance, and adaptability of human translation.

If you want to ensure that your translated YouTube content is of the highest quality and effectively communicates your message to international audiences, human translation is the way to go.

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