One Country Wasn't Enough: MrBeast and Night Media

published on 27 December 2023

Mr. Beast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, claimed the top spot on YouTube's Creator List in not just the United States… but 7 other countries. While his channel’s success was noteworthy, he early recognized the language barrier, and decided to flip the script.


Reaching the Rest of the Globe

Despite his success, Jimmy knew that his content was limited. Acknowledging that less than 17% of the world speaks English, He decided for a more inclusive approach. While others stuck to native languages, limiting global accessibility, he sought a solution beyond subtitles or separate channels.

Adapt or Die

His success serves as a wake-up call to the rest of YouTube. The stakes are high for creators who choose to remain region-specific. Those remaining region-specific channels may lose out and plateau in comparison to those willing to invest in multi-language content.

Jimmy's growth is a testament to these changing times. Creators now face a choice: adapt or risk irrelevance.


Taking Notice

Reed Duchscher, CEO of Night Media and Mr. Beast’s Talent Manager, believes that multi-language dubbing is the way of the future. He argues that Mr. Beast’s leap into audio dubbing gives him a never-before-seen edge on the platform.

“While I think making his content for a global audience and dubbing his videos in the local language have played a huge part, I’m also seeing a clear trend globally.”

For the first time, an English speaking content creator has grown to be number 1 in other countries.

Reed believes that creators from multiple different countries will shortly tap into the English speaking market, becoming popular in regions spanning from the United States to the United Kingdom.

Reaching the World

Thanks to Jimmy's global approach and enticing the platform to incorporate the use of multi-audio language tracks. This is now becoming a trend in content creation. Creators embracing this strategy tap into new markets while fostering inclusivity. Forging a new responsibility to reach the masses – some will choose cheap sounding AI, others will connect their audiences with the entire world via human actors.

Happy Holidays!

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