Night Media Exposes The Truth About Multi-Language Audio

published on 10 January 2024

Content creators worldwide are witnessing a transformative shift as they break free from geographically confined content, entertaining global audiences. But, some argue that going international is a risky endeavor. Reed Duchscher, CEO of Night and manager to YouTube sensation Mr. Beast, echoes this sentiment: 

“Creators are now starting to realize how expensive dubbing videos are. I also think most creators didn't have a clear vision of why they were doing multi-language in the first place.”

Reed makes a valid point: video dubbing can be expensive and risky without a clear vision. However, with the right vision and support, international dubbing can expand any creator’s outreach.


Reed’s Past Advocacy for International Content 

In 2023, Reed Duscher championed creators making international content, attributing Mr. Beast’s rapid growth to multi-language audio dubbing. 

“We noticed almost immediately that our demographics were changing and a whole new audience was discovering his content.”

Why is Reed now disregarding international content’s impact on growth? Is he warning creators about global risks, or are external factors influencing his stance? Perhaps keeping Jimmy Donaldson no. 1 is his top priority. 


All for One, None for All 

Last year, Mr. Beast’s channel gained 99 million subscribers, becoming the top creator in 8 countries. Reed credits Multi-Language Audio Tracks for this success, revealing that 15% of Mr. Beast’s watch time comes from non-primary language users

If Audio Dubbing aids Mr. Beast’s growth, why steer creators away from international markets? Some argue that most creators don’t share Mr. Beast's vision, making the international market expensive. Others suggest a harsh truth: Reed is influencing smaller creators not to explore global expansion to keep the market share for Mr. Beast, his largest client. 


The Truth 

Audio Dubbing is for everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned YouTuber or a rising creator posting evergreen videos, tapping into the international landscape can be just the answer you're looking for. 

Those who envision this potential and have the means to reinvest and reinvent themselves don't need to have a product or service ready to start growing their fanbase globally. 

HVO offers a solution. They help strategize a 3-5-year strategy, translating and dubbing videos at a fraction of the cost MrBeast spends on his dubs. 

It's no secret that when dealing with that many vendors you're forced through every middle man possible, let alone trying to gather materials from so many different places. Human Voice Over sources all their talent in house for an all-in-one solution.

Creators have a responsibility to reach the masses at home. Our actors make home big enough to fit the world. For example check out this video we dubbed for Ethan Shulteis in 17 different languages.

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Take the first step today with and unlock the endless possibilities with international audiences. 

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