Voice Actor Positions Open at HVO

Remote Role

As a Remote Voice Actor at HVO, you will bring YouTube content to life with your voice.

Your expressive and clear voice will help create amazing audio experiences for YouTube creators.

Be the voice behind popular YouTube channels, adding life and character to every project.

If you love performing and have a passion for voice acting, this role is perfect for you.


You will be the voice of our brand, working with YouTube content creators.

Record high-quality voiceovers for various YouTube projects, from tutorials to entertainment videos.

Bring scripts to life with your unique voice, adding emotion and character.

Maintain a clear and professional tone, ensuring top-quality audio delivery.

Meet project deadlines and collaborate with content creators to achieve the best results.

Who Is Our Ideal Candidate?



    Work from anywhere with a reliable internet connection.

    Flexibility to record in a quiet environment.



    Strong communication skills for clear and effective collaboration.

    Ability to take direction and adjust performance as needed.



    Prior experience in voice acting or a strong demo reel.

    Showcase a range of vocal abilities and styles.

  • Professionalism and Discretion:

    Maintain professionalism in all recordings and interactions. Confidentiality is crucial for project materials.

  • Versatility and Humility:

    Be open to a variety of projects, from major productions to smaller tasks, with enthusiasm.

  • Exemplary Communication:

    Demonstrate excellent pronunciation and diction in all recordings.

  • Impeccable Presentation:

    Your voice is the face of each creators brand. Ensure clarity and quality in every recording.

  • Proactive Protection:

    Be ready to tackle challenges and take initiative to improve recordings.

  • Anticipation and Prevention:

    Anticipate project needs and be ready to adapt your performance accordingly.

  • Resourceful Access:

    Work closely with HVO to ensure seamless project completion.

  • Elite Access Management:

    Ensure all recordings meet high-quality standards and are delivered promptly. Adopting the protocols and compliance with the SAG-AFTRA Safety Protocols for Voiceover Recording.

You Should Not Apply If

  • * You may be assigned other tasks not included here.

    • You do not have a quiet recording environment.
    • You cannot meet project deadlines.
    • You lack experience in voice acting or do not have a demo reel.
    • You are not open to feedback and direction.