Mark Rober Exposes Science: Without Borders

published on 29 December 2023

Mark Rober, creator of CrunchLabs, started his YouTube journey in 2011, amassing 29 million subscribers and 4 billion views. Transitioning from simple digital Halloween costumes to intricate scientific experiments, he found his scientific pursuits were limitless. However, he encountered a common challenge faced by many content creators: a significant language barrier.

Lost in Translation

Mark's videos quickly gained hundreds of thousands of views, but the translations fell short. Captions and Artificial Intelligence provided partial solutions, yet the emotional essence of Mark's content got lost in translation. He sought a solution that not only accurately translated his videos but also maintained their energetic and straightforward vibe.


High Risk, High Reward

As a content creator for more than 12 years, Mark understood the importance of maintaining a global audience. To avoid plateauing and restricting himself to English-speaking viewers, he opted to invest in Multi-Language content by hiring voice actors to dub his videos.

β€œIf I see a problem, I like to think if there's a better way to do it.”

Hiring human voice actors allowed Mark to truly connect with his foreign audience while avoiding cheap shortcuts.

The Payoff

Mark’s leap into Multi-language content was successful; today, his videos are dubbed in 16 languages, from Spanish to Hindi. Because he hired human voice actors, the voice-overs are authentic, clear, and empathetic.


Limitless Learning

By embracing the developing international landscape, Mark Rober is now a driving force in the world of content creation, accumulating millions of videos, and fans, across the globe. Creators utilizing multi-language audio tracks and human voice actors nurture a sense of global community, all while tapping into markets never seen before.

Multi-Language Audio Tracks gave Mark the authentic voices he needed to connect with audiences worldwide.

Happy New Year From Team HVO!

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