Translate YouTube Videos: Tap into the Power of Repurposed Content with Language Dubbing Voiceovers

published on 02 December 2022

Break the language barrier and grow your fanbase!

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Repurposing your videos into another language is an important factor that many creators are now using to adapt to today's fast-paced media. Generating an influx of rapid growth while staying effective and efficient.

Jordan Peterson en EspaΓ±ol is a perfect example that the transition into global-based marketing has begun.

Hundreds of other influencers have also taken a leap into this type of content including Mr Beast en EspaΓ±ol, which generates more YouTube views than his English channel.

Should I translate my YouTube videos?

Your content can get professionally translated and dubbed using local professionals to voiceover your content. Talented voice actors will lip sync your content into different languages.

The beauty of this is that you will essentially get to duplicate your mainstream demographic into a new foreign language. Transition everything including thumbnails, in text descriptions, and meta tags.

Allowing companies like Human Voice Over to use a proprietary algorithm to decipher which videos are worth translating. Maximizing the efficiency of direct translation investments by launching starting a separate channel in a new language. 

Voiceovers will expand your reach by staying true to your current demographic, while introducing your YouTube brand to new parts of the world.

Human Voice Over uses native voice actors to capture the cultural discrepancies and nuances.  Providing the oversight and quality control that is needed to ensure all of the content translates accurately and it captures the language for what it is meant to be.  This eliminates the need of a text to speech generator, as they are already lacking emphasis and majorly incorrect when translating.

Specific steps are taken along the way, like analyzing audience signals, for example the comments and feedback received on the channel, the competitor landscape, and the channel analytics to optimize your growth output.

Enable the opportunity to build an additional following across multiple cultures. This strategy is also extremely useful to creators with more previous content than upcoming. Your old videos become brand new again when translated.

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